Donatello TMNT

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Sculpt Fiction presents Donatello TMNT Marquette.

Features a unique pizza base and wooden detachable bo-staff.

Hand painted and limited only to 500 worldwide.

This is Part 1 of 4, from our TMNT marquette series

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Product Details: Tennage Mutant Ninja Turles 1990 Donatello Scale: 1:3: Manufacturer: Sculpt Fiction Product Size: 20.5” H (510mm) x 17” W (430mm) x 12.2” L (310mm) Product Material: Cast resin Box Size: 21” H (53cm) 16 ” H (40cm) 24“ L (61cm)* Product Weight: 4.9 kg* Est. Shipping Weight: 6.9 kg* Detachable bo-staff: 18” L. Size and weight are approximate values. Product Sku 0002 Artists: The Sculpt Fiction Design and Development Team © 2014 Sculpt Fiction Ltd

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What's in the Box?

The Donatello TMNT Figure features:

Detachable 18" wooden Bo-staff

TMNT Donatello is an Exclusive Release from Sculpt Fiction