Our Story

In 2013, Sculpt Fiction founder and CEO Dean Ruberry, as an avid and passionate movie fan and collector, embarked on a mission of connecting people around the globe, with more alternative and grander scale movie Marquette’s. But paying paramount attention to the passion most important to Dean, being able to offer robust sculpts in quality and collector satisfaction, as too in value for money, when compared to the current market.

Often himself, stifled in the selection on offer by the current market, the investigation into specially manufactured and distributed 1:3 scale movie sculptures began.

This eventually led to, during the fall of 2013, with Sculpt Fiction defining their mission statement with the intend “of being the most highly sought-after licensed 1:3 scale movie sculpts producer, without compromise of quality and value for money”

What we've done so far
The Sculpt Timelines

Our Shipping Policy

What we include

Here at Sculpt Fiction we only use experts when shipping our sculpts. By using DHL prioity international, we aim to ship to most world wide destinations in 3-4 working days from shipping date.

The final sale price on all our marquettes includes shipping, tracking and shipping insurance.

Our sculpts are shipping directly from our factory in China, and all export duties are paid by ourselves and included in the shipping price.

Just remember that these are all 1/3 marquees and at over approximately 2 feet tall and 7kg+ these are very expensive to ship from our factory.

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